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Новинки Месяца
Горячая 10-ка



Автор: Kresley Cole
Серия: Immortals After Dark, Книга 13
Год выхода: 2013 г.

Категории: Новинки Месяца / Оборотни

Uilleam MacRieve, a centuries-old Lykae warrior, was captured, caged, and experimented on by a shadowy human order, along with other immortals. During a prison break that devolved into one of the bloodiest massacres in recent history, he escapes. But the aftermath of his unspeakable torture preys on his damaged mind, while the wolf inside him roars for vengeance and carnage. In the days leading up to the full moon, can MacRieve rein in his beast, even when he encounters his mate - a vexingly impossible female unlike anything he'd ever dreamed for himself?

Внимание! У Вас нет прав для просмотра скрытого текста.
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1 Ucis   5 июля 2013 17:26
With each book things are getting more and more “crazy”. Ending of this book brings up really “DARK” promises for next one.
Actually everything is becoming more and more twisted. Personally my favorite books are first ones in this series. They were nicer, much funnier and relationships between characters were developing at least a little bit logical. No everything is so full of bitterness and hurt…

1 Anita_nemir-ra   5 июля 2013 19:00
Интересно, перевод где-то есть этой книги?

1 Sabrina   6 июля 2013 23:25
Kresley Cole rocks :) I really love all her "immortals after dark" series but didn't quite like this one, especially the girl. I really can't imagine a person going through all that and express so little emotion. Feels like she is some sort of an unemotional robot.

1 LeeSa   7 августа 2013 11:10
The book is O'k but I agree with Ucis that the fist books are much nicer. There are some great moments but excitement is gone. In my opinion, "The kiss of the demon king" is the last book which really rocks.

1 innessa   10 октября 2013 11:33
Загрузите пожалуйста в формате doc. [hide][/hide]

1 IDAHO   28 ноября 2013 22:27
Yeah, the hero is really twisted. And the narration is as well. But still, it's IAD's continuation! We all think that the further the story goes, the more psychological described the heroes become. And still we await a next book to see another piece of the whole picture

1 bezmaternyh.luda   5 января 2014 20:51
на .notabenoid занимаются вроде бы

1 Uriel93   24 февраля 2014 15:26
I am curious to see what's up with IAD, but I also agree with Ucis that the last few books in the series are a bit more on the dark side than the earlier ones. It's not necessarily a bad thing...it's just the humour is a big and important part of these series and for example in Lothaire's book it's lack dissapointed me a bit.
I hope this one will be "classic" madame Cole :)

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