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Mating Behavior

Mating Behavior

Автор: Mandy M Roth
Год выхода: 2012 г.

Категории: Оборотни / Эротика / F/M

Wolf shifter Alan has a problem--he wants his best friend Katie in the worst sort of way, but Katie's human and for a shifter male to choose a human for a mate is a death sentence--for both of them.

Katie is so in love with her best bud, Alan, that she can't see straight. Problem is, Alan doesn't seem to see her that way. All she wants is for him to tear her clothes off and have at her but, sweet, reserved Alan would never... or would he?

Warning: This novella contains sexy as all can be alpha male shifter that has been head over heels in love with his best friend for years. Oh yeah and some fight scenes and a jerk of a bad guy who might not be quite the jerk we thought. It's also got some yummy sex described in it.

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